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Welcome to Saskatchewan

(Treaties 2, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10)

Indigenous cultures of Saskatchewan are deeply ingrained in the vast prairies, dense forests, and meandering rivers that define its landscape. Over countless generations, the Cree, Saulteaux, Dakota, Nakota, and Métis peoples have thrived in this region, cultivating a profound bond with the land and its bountiful resources. Time-honored customs like hunting, fishing, and gathering have sustained Indigenous communities for millennia, while sacred sites and natural landmarks serve as revered spaces for ceremony and spiritual introspection. The Métis, blending Indigenous and European ancestry, have significantly influenced Saskatchewan’s cultural mosaic, enriching its heritage with their unique traditions. Present-day Indigenous communities in Saskatchewan are dedicated to preserving their rich cultural legacy through language revitalization, cultural gatherings, and efforts to safeguard ancestral knowledge. These ongoing endeavors ensure that the deep roots of Indigenous heritage remain firmly interwoven with the province’s identity.

Wanuskewin Heritage Park
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

For over 6400 years, Wanuskewin has been a gathering place for Indigenous Nations of the Great Plains, offering trade, ceremony, and bison hunting in the lush Opimihaw Valley. Today, it leads in conservation, reintroducing Plains Bison and preserving cultural heritage through archaeological sites and landmarks. With hopes for UNESCO recognition, Wanuskewin continues as a cultural hub, offering art, dance, cuisine, and education. Recognized twice as the “Indigenous Tourism Destination of the Year,” Wanuskewin aims to be a global center for Indigenous culture and heritage. Just 5 minutes from Saskatoon, it’s easily accessible by car, taxi, or bike.

Dakota Dunes Resort
White Cap, Saskatchewan

Situated on the traditional Whitecap Dakota Unceded Territory, Dakota Dunes Resort & Casino offers a picturesque river setting amidst gentle sand dunes, marking Saskatoon’s premier full-service resort. With its 155 newly constructed rooms, the resort pays homage to its Indigenous heritage through design elements such as angular window trims and exterior wood panels reminiscent of traditional tipis. Only a short 20-minute drive from downtown Saskatoon, guests can retreat to our pristine accommodations, relishing in breathtaking views of untouched nature, convening in our modern convention space, and indulging in a variety of distinctive services and activities.

kâniyâsihk Culture Camps
Island Lake, Saskatchewan

Dr. Kevin wâsakâyâsiw Lewis founded the kâniyâsihk Cultural Camps to preserve the Cree language and nurture Traditional Indigenous Culture. Participants partake in hands-on activities like fish filleting, meat cutting, hide tanning, and food preservation. They can also join first aid, paddling, and Field Leader certification programs, alongside various outdoor activities and storytelling sessions year-round. A central element of the camps is the kâ-nêyâsihk mîkiwâhpa Cree Academy of Excellence-Immersion School, where Elder’s Helpers teach Cree language lessons in the tranquil embrace of nature.