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Who We Are

The Trans Canada Yellowhead Highway Association is a four (4) province, non profit association established in 1947 to promote the development, maintenance and use of the Yellowhead Corridor as vital to Canada’s national transportation system and national unity.

The communities that surround the Yellowhead Highway, from Winnipeg to Masset on the Queen Charlotte Islands and through to Kamloops, knew that they needed to join together and actively lobby for the development and recognition of this route as critical to the TransCanada transportation system otherwise their communities would be severely restricted in their economic and community development. The collaborative effort of the communities, constantly advocating to the provincial and federal governments, initially for the construction and now for improvements and upgrades, have achieved substantial success and influence.

The Association is supported by contributions from municipalities, businesses, organizations and individuals. It is open to all who support the goals of promoting the use and development of the Yellowhead Highway Corridor.

The Association is engaged in two major activities: advocacy for the development, maintenance and enhancement of the Yellowhead Highway and promotion of its benefits and assets to industry, tourists, governments and communities.

The commitment to improve standards, realize infrastructure improvements and address safety concerns is a continuous process educating the governments as to the needs of their constituents. The advocacy program consists of regular contact with members for updates and government representatives responsible for highway development and maintenance. Advocacy is critical to ensuring that the Yellowhead continues to realize improvements and enhancements.

Go Yellowhead is a high profile Travel Guide that has been produced to promote the diverse and vast cultural, event and tourism resources of the entire Yellowhead corridor. The 70,000 YellowheadIT! Travel Guides are distributed throughout North America via direct to the members and visitor information centres, and a Digital Edition. To support this annual tourism campaign, the TransCanada Yellowhead Association attends travel and recreation tradeshows, produces a complimentary website and a unique four (4) province map.

The Trans Canada Yellowhead Highway Association is a highly respected organization across all of Western Canada and in Ottawa as well. The character, tenacity and determination of the members over the past 60 years have made this organization highly recognized, respected and successful.

Go Yellowhead Map and Website ( is produced by the TransCanada Yellowhead Highway Association and is the only advertising medium that provides four province coverage of events, historical and points of interest and member listings. All products are unique and very popular with the members, advertisers, tourism agencies and most importantly the citizens, consumers and tourists.