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It’s Road Trip Time!

Pack your bags, load up the car, grab some snacks, don’t forget the map, and press play on the perfect playlist — it’s time for an adventure! Embrace the freeing sensation that comes from leaving the streetlights behind and hitting miles of open road. Making your journey as important as your destination.

Travelling the wide roads and gentle grades of the Yellowhead Highway takes you on a journey through the breathtaking wilderness, and the rough and tumble history of Western Canada. Today it’s famous as the “Park-to-Park Highway” spanning half of Canada, traversing four provinces, five national parks, 90 provincial parks and numerous fascinating national and provincial historic sites. There are never-ending spots to stop and take quick photos, viewing points with incredible vistas, mom-and-pop diners with the best burger you have ever had, and one-of-a-kind attractions that you would never see if you had just flown over them to get to your destination.

Let your cares melt away, and enjoy the drive!