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Welcome to Alberta

(Treaties 4, 6, 7, 8 and 10)

Alberta’s landscape echoes with the ancient footsteps of its Indigenous peoples, whose roots are deeply intertwined with the land’s rugged mountains, sprawling prairies, and winding rivers. For millennia, diverse Indigenous nations such as the Blackfoot Confederacy, Cree, Dene, Nakoda, and Métis have called this region home, each with unique languages, cultures, and traditions. These communities have maintained a profound connection to the land, drawing sustenance from its resources and forging rich spiritual and cultural ties. Traditional practices such as hunting, fishing, and gathering have sustained Indigenous ways of life for generations, while sacred sites and ceremonial grounds serve as reminders of the enduring presence of Indigenous peoples in Alberta. Today, Indigenous communities continue to uphold their cultural heritage through language revitalization efforts, artistic expression, and advocacy for land rights and self-determination. Alberta’s Indigenous roots are not just a part of its past; they are a vibrant and integral aspect of its present and future, shaping the province’s identity and enriching its cultural legacy.

Jasper Tour Company:
Jasper, Alberta

Joe Urie, a Métis guide and owner of the Jasper Tour Company, views the Canadian Rockies as his cherished “home.” With roots tracing back to Métis Settlements in Manitoba, his family has guided along the Athabasca River since 1860. Urie’s deep connection to the Athabasca River drives his passion for sharing the region with visitors. His tours offer glimpses of the Rockies’ splendor, stories of its First Peoples, and encounters with wildlife. Urie believes tourism is a powerful tool for storytelling, and his company offers year-round half-day tours that introduce guests to Jasper and its environs. Keeping groups small, he fosters connections between guests and nature, hoping to inspire them to bring more of the natural world into their daily lives.

Warrior Women
Jasper, Alberta

Experience the rhythmic beats of the drums with Matricia Brown-Asani and Mackenzie Brown-Kamamak, proud members of the Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation. As drummers, performers, storytellers, and songwriters, they share Indigenous culture through various mediums. Join them for workshops, tours, and Fireside Chats at the Jasper Tram to learn Cree phrases and songs. Matricia’s cultural contributions have been recognized by the Tourism Association of Canada, while Mackenzie’s artwork has been featured in galleries across Alberta, including Arts Common Calgary.

Talking Rock Tours
Edmonton, Alberta

Discover Alberta through an Indigenous lens with Talking Rock Tours, the world’s first 100% Indigenous-owned geo-educational adventure company. Join their small group daytime tours to explore the geological wonders of Alberta while learning about its natural and cultural history through Indigenous ceremonies, storytelling, and teachings. Choose from tours like Edmonton Oil & Gas CEM, Edmonton River Valley, and Elk Island National Park, or opt for multi-day Badlands and Nordegg Discovery Tours. Custom tour requests are welcome with a minimum of 6 participants.

Métis Crossing
Smoky Lake, Alberta

Explore Métis Crossing, Alberta’s premier destination for experiencing the rich heritage of Métis culture. Journey along the historic Victoria Trail, where Métis families thrived through farming, trapping, hunting, and trading with nearby Fort Victoria. Celebrate their vibrant community life with music, art, and gatherings. At Métis Crossing, immerse yourself in our history on 500 acres along the North Saskatchewan River. Visit our Cultural Gathering Centre, blending tradition with modern design by Métis architect Tiffany Shaw-Collinge. Join a Meet the Métis experience to delve into our seasonal practices, music, dance, and crafts.

Painted Warriors
Cremona, Alberta

At Painted Warriors Ranch, guests experience traditional welcomes and guided hikes to learn about Métis and Indigenous lifestyles while spotting wildlife. Enhance outdoor skills with workshops in horseback riding, snowshoeing, archery, and bush survival, available year-round for one to five days. Enjoy campfire gatherings with bush tea and hot berry soup, and choose between basic or luxurious accommodations. Located near the Cowboy Trail, the ranch offers certified training courses in outdoor activities and emphasizes preserving cultural skills.

Mahikan Trails
Canmore, Alberta

Owner-operator Brenda Holder of Mahikan Trails, a
Cree/Iroquois Métis guide from Jasper, Alberta, shares traditional knowledge
passionately. Explore year-round near Banff or Calgary, learning plant
medicine, bushcraft, and moccasin making. Discover the boreal forest through
Indigenous eyes, understanding its significance and learning survival skills.
Join us in summer for plant identification and medicine-making, or in winter
for Métis snowshoeing. Leave enriched with ancestral wisdom.