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Minnedosa Attractions

View Plains Bison from all sides of the fenced compound along the walking trail. Newborn calves arrive every spring. Located along Highway #262 (Beach Road) between downtown Minnedosa and Minnedosa Lake with a parking lot along the highway. Caution: Please do not to feed or approach the fenced-in animals.

Address 72-80 2 Ave NE, Minnedosa, Manitoba   R0J 1E0
Phone (204)-867-3885

Donated by C.P.R. this historic caboose was placed here by C.P. employees in 1970, Manitoba’s Centennial year. Open for viewing during special events.

Address Tanner’s Crossing Park (on the banks of the Little Saskatchewan River dow, Minnedosa, Manitoba

This Japanese Garden has been developed to promote friendship and mutual understanding of the culture of Minnedosa's sister city — Ishii, Japan.

Address Minnedosa, MB   R0J 1E0
Phone 204-867-2585


At over 600 feet this is the longest Fish Ladder in Manitoba. the 22 pool and riffle structures allow various species of fish to travel from Little Saskatchewan River into Minnedosa Lake and further up the chain of lakes. Most of the action is in the early spring during spawning season. Fish species include walleye, northern pike and white sucker.

Address Directly below the Minnedosa Spillway, Minnedosa, Manitoba

Purchased from Camp Shilo this incredible piece of history was brought to Minnedosa in 1970. Some recent restoration work includes sandblasting, repainting and the addition of the 12th Manitoba Dragoon decal. It has been sealed shut to help prevent injuries. it.

Address Main Street behind the Cenotaph, Minnedosa, Manitoba