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Gladstone Dining

Located just South of Gladstone, This fully licensed, seasonal restaurant accommodates up to 60 people for lunch and dinner. It also houses an outdoor patio and has facilities for BBQ and Banquets.

Address Gladstone Golf and Country Club, Gladstone, MB   R0J 0T0
Phone 204-385-2998

Homemade baked goods and eatery lunch menu offered. Open Monday through to Saturday, closing at 6 pm.

Located in the middle of the town at the intersection of Morris and Dennis Streets.

Address 5 Morris Ave. N, Gladstone, MB   R0J 0T0
Phone 204-385-2225

Seasonal Eatery - Burgers, Fries and Ice cream.

Address Just off Highway 16, Gladstone, MB
Phone 204-385-3923

This licensed casual restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and feature daily specials.

Address Highway 16, 21 Logie Street, Gladstone, MB   R0J 0T0
Phone 204-385-2045


Paris Cafe features a selection of Chinese and Canadian food, as well as a lunch smorg on weekdays and a dinner smorg on weekends.

Address 13 Morris Ave. North, Gladstone, MB   R0J 0T0
Phone 204-385-2177